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Dedicated to bringing your the finest designing minds and engineering talent on the market, see how we get the job done with accuracy and precision.

Military helicopters Blackhawk take off from an aircraft carrier at clear day in the endless blue sea. 3D Rendering

Military Avionics and Space 

Our award-winning team of architects tackle each project with passionate and creativity.

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power protection sensors


Batteries – Coin Cells: using Dioxide Lithium, Silver Oxide, Alkaline Manganese, safe for Medical Use.

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passive connectors

Connectors & Discrete Audio

Smart Audio – Smart Mics with DSP “Wake on Voice” – Audio Processors with Beam Forming, multiple algorithms and voice keywords.

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Internet of things - IOT concept. Businessman offer IOT products and solutions. Young businessman  select the abstract chip with text IoT on the virtual display

& RF

Wireless Antenna Products (supporting) – GPS/GNSS, WiFi 2.4-5Ghz, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, LPWAN & ISM, 433Mhz and more

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system storage human interface

Systems/Storage/ & Human Interface

TFT LCDs – Industrial – Commercial – Sunlight Readable – Low Cost – ultra-wide viewing Value Add

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Keyboard with glowing charts

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View all markets,  ranging from Military and Avionics to discrete  audio and human interface products, 

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